US Army Corps of Engineers
New Orleans District


Compensatory Mitigation For

Comite, East Baton Rouge, Westshore Lake Pontchartrain Projects



The Corps is avoiding and minimizing environmental impacts to the maximum extent practical while developing the Comite River Diversion, East Baton Rouge and Westshore Lake Pontchartrain flood risk reduction projects.  When unavoidable habitat losses do occur, the Corps will offset such losses through compensatory mitigation to replace the lost habitat. Compensatory mitigation is an important part of project construction and could include habitat restoration or enhancement projects or credit purchases.

Project Locations

Generally and to the extent possible, the mitigation projects will be implemented in the same river basin where the project impacts occur.  The anticipated impacts for these three projects are in the Lake Pontchartrain Basin (See map).                                         

Project Planning

The public is invited to submit ideas for potential projects to by Oct. 31, 2018

The mitigation project delivery team will identify potential projects based on time, risks, and costs, among other factors, and will evaluate viable alternatives in cooperation with environmental resource agencies, stakeholders and the non-federal sponsors. Tentatively-selected plans will be evaluated in a National Environmental Policy Act document, which will be released for public review and comment.  Currently, the mitigation projects need to compensate for two habitat categories: bottomland hardwoods (BLH) and Swamp. 

Current total estimated mitigation needs for all three projects are:

  • BLH: approximately 950 AAHUs** (a minimum of 1,300 Acres)

  • Swamp: approximately 1,100 AAHUs** (a minimum of 2,000 Acres)        

** AAHU (Average Annual Habitat Unit) is a numerical value representing quantity and quality of a habitat.

Note:  Estimated mitigation needs may change as designs are refined and impacts quantified.  Mitigation acreage may be larger than the impacted acreage due to the quality of the impacted habitat.

Project status

Phase of Projects:  Planning Stage (all projects)

Estimated completion dates: 

  • Comite - Early 2022

  • East Baton Rouge - Early 2023

  • Westshore Lake Pontchartrain - Mid 2023

Note:  Estimated completion dates may change as project efforts are refined.