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The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Geospatial Open Data provides shared and trusted USACE geospatial data, services and applications for use by our partner agencies and the public. This site also contains public access to the CorpsMap Viewer application.


Navigational Products

The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers encourages mariners and other users to submit corrections, additions or comments for improving this chart to one of the listed Corps of Engineers Districts.



2015 Mississippi River Navigation Chart Folio

2016 Atchafalaya River Navigation Chart Folio


• 2007 Mississippi River Navigation (High Water Inspection Edition with DOQQ imagery)

• 2007 Atchafalaya River Navigation Chart Folio

1999 Atchafalaya River Navigation Chart Folio

• Index to all Corps Navigation Charts


Other Products

Navigation Project Condition Maps
-- Channel Condition Surveys are available for numerous navigation project areas in CADD Map format.

Inland Electronic Navigational Charting Program
-- An overview of the USACE Inland Electronic Navigational Charting (IENC) Program.

Atchafalaya Plan and Profile Maps 2009
-- A plan view of levee/floodwall alignments together with their corresponding profile elevation plots.


Hydrographic Survey Book Products

• 2013 Mississippi River Hydrographic Survey

• 2006 Atchafalaya River Hydrographic Survey Book

• Historic Mississippi Hydrographic Surveys
-- Scanned Mississippi Hydrographic Survey Books and Mississippi River Commission Maps are available for 1883 through 2004 Editions.

• Historic Atchafalaya River Hydrographic Surveys
-- Scanned hydrographic survey books for 1967, 1997, 1989, and 1998 Editions.



Geotech Programs

JambWow (Mapbook)

Survey Drivers

gINT Standards & Utilities