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The New Orleans District missions include flood control, hurricane damage risk reduction, navigation, environmental stewardship, natural disaster support, etc.  Real Estate Division supports these missions through its planning, appraisal, acquisition, management and disposal activities.  As a result, Real Estate Division is involved with every New Orleans District project from start to finish.

Our staff consists of a workforce management assistant, realty clerks, cartographic technicians, budget analysts, real estate specialists, and appraisers who plan, appraise, acquire, lease, control and manage real estate interests required for Civil Works projects and dispose of excess property within the boundaries of the New Orleans District.  We are committed to providing our customers with quality, dependable, and cost effective solutions to their right-of-way needs. 

The staff coordinates all real estate actions for the New Orleans District and advises the District Commander, partners, and the public on all real estate matters. Real estate services include the acquisition through negotiation, condemnation or leasing of all of the real estate interests which are required to accomplish projects assigned to the District; the managing and leasing of Corps-owned lands to public and private interests; the disposal of lands excess to the needs of the District; and appraisal, cadastral, and planning services.

Real Estate Division also provides real estate services for various local, state, and other Federal agencies. Our services comply with Federal, State, and local laws and regulations, where applicable, to safeguard the public’s property rights guaranteed by the U. S. Constitution.

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Who We Are

Office of the Chief 

The Office of the Chief plans, directs and implements real estate activities for the District. The
Chief of Real Estate is responsible for extensive interaction with local, state, and Federal agencies, private organizations, and Louisiana's Congressional staff regarding real estate programs. She serves as the New Orleans District’s chief technical advisor on real estate matters so that the District can meet its challenges and enhance its value to the Army and the Nation.

The Real Estate Division is responsible for the management of approximately 70,000 acres of
fee-owned land and 700,000 acres of easements in central and coastal Louisiana, and for acquiring an additional 190,000 acres of easement land for the Atchafalaya Basin Floodway System (ABFS).

Appraisal & Planning Branch

The Appraisal and Planning Branch provides professional real estate valuation, planning, mapping, and consultation services for the New Orleans District's real estate program. These services, provided by government staff and by contract, are for all phases of program execution, including Continuing Authorities Program studies, reconnaissance and feasibility studies, and authorized projects for acquisition of real estate by the Federal government or the non-Federal sponsor.

This Branch provides valuation and mapping services for disposals, outgrants, leases, licenses, and consents of Federally-owned land as well as for damage claims, government-owned quarters, and rentals for office and storage space. The Appraisal and Planning Branch also provides assistance and support to the Department of Justice during litigation in the form of consultation, exhibit preparation, and expert appraisal testimony.

Direct Federal Acquisition Branch

Direct Federal Acquisition Branch is responsible for the acquisition of real estate interests required for District civil works missions where the United States takes title to the interests. This is accomplished either by negotiations with land owners (direct purchase) or by using eminent domain (condemnation) procedures when negotiations fail to reach an agreement on price or when land title matters prevent closing the transaction. In addition, this branch is responsible for ensuring the relocation of homes and businesses displaced as a result of the acquisition of a real estate interest for a District civil works mission. The branch provides real estate services for District product delivery teams during the planning, design and construction phases of direct federal projects. It also provides acquisition services for other federal agencies that lack direct acquisition authority through the Interagency Support Program.

Local Sponsor & Inleasing Acquisition Branch

The Local Sponsor and Inleasing Acquisition Branch is responsible for the acquisition of real estate interests for District civil works missions where a Local Sponsoring partner acquires the real estate interest and provides it for the project. The branch assists the Sponsor in the acquisition process. It also obtains rights of entry for surveys and other investigative work from various landowners; inleasing services; and permanent change of station payments.

In addition, the branch provides real estate services for District product delivery teams during the design and construction phases of local sponsor projects.

Management, Disposal & Control Branch

The Management, Disposal and Control Branch manages property under the jurisdiction of the Corps of Engineers within the New Orleans District which includes granting realty rights to others for the use of Corps-owned real estate interests acquired for a variety of Congressionally-authorized projects. Those grants are given through leases, licenses, easements, permits and consents. The Branch also handles the excessing and disposal of real estate interests no longer needed by the Corps.

By periodically evaluating civil projects in its jurisdiction, the branch helps determine if any lands are excess to the Government's needs. This Branch develops and manages all real estate manpower and funding requirements and the annual operating budget. It performs administrative services, as in preparing vouchers, travel and recurring reports to higher authority; and maintains the real property inventory. Final historical real estate validations are made and maintained in this Branch, showing all real estate transactions involved in each direct federal project.

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Todd Klock, Chief                                       504-862-1920

Sahuque-Kemp, Michelle  (Secretary)      504-862-1125                                              

Abrams, Terri                                                504-862-2189

Callahan, Kevin                                            504-862-2864

Day, David                                                    504-862-2944

Mcgill, Chelo                                                 504-862-1074

Forest, Eric (Section B Chief)                  504-862-1986

Robbins, Stephanie                                    504-862-1325

Sexton, Margie                                           504-862-2405

Wise, Suleika                                              504-862-1788

Rodgers, Connie (Section Chief)          504-862-1582                           

Britton, Warren                                         504-862-1279

Fitch, Scott                                                 504-862-1972

Lee, Cindy                                                  504-862-1166
Joey Marceaux, Chief                            504-862-1175

Albarez, Gary                                            504-862-1025

Breaux, Mike                                             504-862-2886                                 

Derbes, Zachary                                       504-862-1976

Fischer, Pamela                                        504-862-1157                                  

Rowan, Erin                                               504-862-2183                                 

Vance-Orange, Karen                              504-862-1083                  
Robert Thomson, Chief                                        504-862-1359

Hall, Teshia (Secretary-M &D & Appraisal)          504-862-1109                                                                     

Drury-Blaize, Pamela  (Team Lead)                  504-862-2234           

Tran, Nam (Team Lead)                                       504-862-1146

 Butler, Troy                                                             504-862-1046

Jackson, Hope                                                          504-862-2891

Molaison, David                                                      504-862-1056


Gutierrez, Judi, Chief, RE                         504-862-2575                                   

Fitzgerald, Laura (Division Secretary)      504-862-1982                                                                                   

Klock, Mallory                                              504-862-1088

Hilliard, Pamela                                          504-862-1509

Richard, Judy                                              504-862-1158

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