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US Army Corps of Engineers
New Orleans District
7400 Leake Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70118

Welcome to the USACE, New Orleans District Regulatory Branch

The Regulatory Branch in the New Orleans District’s Operations Division is responsible for administering the US Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) Regulatory Program in southern Louisiana. The Corps’ Regulatory Program is one of the oldest in the Federal Government. It began in 1890 with a fairly simple, straightforward purpose of protecting and maintaining the nations navigable waterways. Since the 1960’s, this purpose has been broadened so that it now considers the full public interest for both the protection and utilization of water resources. The New Orleans District's Regulatory Program consists of four Sections:  Surveillance and Enforcement; Western Evaluation; Central Evaluation; and Eastern Evaluation. 

The Surveillance and Enforcement Section handles enforcement actions and jurisdictional determinations across the entire District, Western Evaluation Section reviews permit applications within the western part of the New Orleans District, Central Evaluation Section reviews permit applications within the central part of the New Orleans District, and Eastern Evaluation Section reviews permit applications within the eastern part of the New Orleans District.  For a listing of parishes for each of the Evaluation Sections, please click on "Permits" located under "Regulatory Links" on this webpage.

The New Orleans District also includes the Special Projects and Policy Team which handles the review of mitigation projects such as the development of mitigation banks and provides support to the Regulatory Branch Chief in the development of regulatory policies and guidance.