Grand Isle Storm Damage Reduction

Official Project Name 


Grand Isle and Vicinity Beach Erosion and Hurricane Protection Project



The proposed work is located on the gulf coast of southern Jefferson Parish. It is about 50 miles south of New Orleans and 45 miles northwest of the mouth of the Mississippi River.



The Hurricane and Storm Damage Reduction project was authorized to reduce flooding and storm damage along the barrier island of Grand Isle.


 The Project was authorized in 1976 to include a seven mile hurricane and storm damage risk reduction vegetated sand dune, along with a stone jetty to stabilize the western end of the island at Caminada Pass. WRDA 1996 modified the authority to include breakwaters.


 Project Purpose

 The recommended plan calls for construction of offshore segmented stone breakwaters on the Gulf side, western end of Grand Isle to reduce erosion resulting from storm driven waves and currents.  Following completion of the breakwaters beach nourishment will be performed adjacent to the newly constructed breakwaters.


 Project Features

Construction of five offshore segmented stone breakwaters as well as approximately one and half miles of beach nourishment starting at the gulfside western end of the island..


 Project Status

The contract for construction of the breakwaters was awarded in June 2019.  Construction completion of the breakwaters is anticipated in March 2020.  Contract award for the beach nourishment is anticipated in Summer 2020.