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Equal Employment Office - Mission Statement

The mission of the Equal Employment Opportunity Office is to cultivate a diverse organizational culture where everyone is treated fairly, with dignity and respect.

How EEO Fits into the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer New Orleans District's mission

We believe that the EEO Office fits into the District’s mission by helping to cultivate a diverse workplace where everyone is treated fairly, with dignity and respect – a work environment that is free from unlawful discrimination and harassment.  We aid in removing barriers to employment that may impact diversity.  We serve as advisors to employees and managers/supervisors in making decisions regarding workplace issues.  

We try to nurture better working relationships.  We believe that our role goes beyond informing employees of their rights to file an EEO complaint.  We encourage open, honest communication between the employee and his or her supervisor.  Through effective working relations, we have a better chance at sustaining great employees, encouraging employees to apply for promotions and other employment opportunities, and inspiring outside job seekers to apply for jobs at the Corps.​​