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The Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District is accepting resumes from college students, recent graduates, entry level, mid-career, and journeyman level applicants.

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Working for the New Orleans District

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is an innovative, transformative organization providing engineering solutions to customers worldwide. The New Orleans District serves the engineering needs of south Louisiana. We meet the daily challenges associated with protecting the region from hurricane & storm damage, facilitating navigation along the Mississippi River, and simultaneously working to protect and restore the fragile and disappearing ecosystem that houses the water resources we manage. 


Sample Civilian Occupations and Job Opportunities

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Lock and Dam Operator

Lock Operator Old River Lock

Lock Operator Calcasieu Lock

Lock Operator Calcasieu Lock

Lock and Dam Operator Catfish Control Structure

As a Lock and Dam Operator Trainee at a USACE navigation facility, you will operate (under very close supervision and dependent upon capability, skill, and knowledge) electrically- and/or hydraulically controlled lock or lock and dam gates, control valves, and other associated equipment required for passage of a variety of private and commercial traffic through the lock structure and the maintenance of required pool levels. Specific duties include: Handle bow or stern lines, walk lines in proper locations along the wall, and snub lines to assist pilot in maneuvering craft into position; Operate electric gate controls to open or close gates at one end of the lock chamber; Operate electrically controlled tow haulage unit to move barges into and out of lock chamber

Serves as a resident inspector on a wide variety of civil works construction sites that are of higher-than-normal difficulty and complexity and within the geographical boundaries of the Area Office. As the principal representative of the Contracting Officer on most assignments, incumbent performs a broad range of inspection functions over a variety of construction operations and is responsible for assuring that all work is completed in accordance with plans and specifications and in adherence to the terms of the contract.

Assists in the setting up and disassembling of portable drilling equipment. Assembles, removes various components and items of auxiliary equipment. Guides the core drill operator onto the site using classical hand, voice signals or instructions.

Prepares a variety of geotechnical drawings for Geotechnical Branch projects as an assistant to geotechnical engineers and higher graded engineering technicians. Assists engineers and designers in the geotechnical design of navigation and flood control projects.

Performs or assists in the performance of hydraulic and hydrologic studies and the preparation of design criteria of proposed coastal projects. Studies, evaluates, and correlates meteorological data, hydrologic records and sedimentation data to provide general hydraulic and hydrologic criteria for the development of water resource projects in the district. 

Incumbent works in collaboration with engineers, technicians, and other professionals for project development efforts that emphasize technical geospatial engineering solutions. Resolves geospatial engineering problems related to design and construction, utilizes a broad cross-disciplinary knowledge of geospatial engineering, surveying, geodesy, geomatics, photogrammetric, mapping, automation, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Computer Aided Design (CAD), and general Information Technology (IT) skills. 

Responsible for coordinating and leading a team of geologists, and engineers and technicians when assigned, engaged in the preparation of geological engineering studies, design reports, and plans and specifications for flood risk reduction works, navigation structures, and coastal restoration projects. Also serves as geological specialist responsible for geological features, resolving problems, providing advice, teaching and mentoring staff, developing procedures, and performing advanced work relating to difficult design efforts.

As survey technician, connects, calibrates, tests, troubleshoots, and operates all electronic survey equipment, to include recording data, evaluating the data, and reports to the party chief concerning the results. Serves as the survey instrument specialist and is completely familiar with the use of all types of equipment used in the field such at levels, transits, total stations, and electronic data collectors.

Interprets various Departments of the Army and Engineering
Regulations, appropriate laws, ADP system changes, and other guidance
from higher authorities relating to civil works and revolving fund
accounting activities.

Information on the position 

Serves as Senior Project Engineer performing hydraulic, hydrologic, coastal, and environmental engineering designs and analyses and coordinating, assisting, and reviewing the work of other engineers and technicians. Personally, conducts complex or long-term studies that encompass engineering conclusions in areas where available information is limited, required significant deviation from established criteria, or includes the development of design criteria for unique solutions to engineering problems.
Serve as a Lock and Dam Equipment Mechanic at a major lock and/or smaller navigation structure and is primarily involved in maintenance activities. Responsible for accomplishing routine maintenance and repair work and for assisting the lockmaster or mechanic in accomplishing major installations and repairs. Operate pickup truck, small tractor, and outboard motor boat in the performance of duties. Understand the operation of Lock equipment and be capable of performing a variety of sub journeyman level maintenance and repair work common to the mechanic, carpentry, plumbing, welding, and other trades. Independently troubleshoot and locate problems, and remove, repair or replace, and reinstall various assemblies and components. 

Performs programming and budgeting administrative functions within a division of the Corps of Engineers New Orleans District having more than one appropriation working with additional funds received from local cooperating agencies and recommending minor program adjustments and major reprogramming as necessary during the year.

Realty Specialist

As a Realty Specialist (Recent Graduate) you will be responsible for, but not limited to, the following:

• Applying laws and regulations to real estate matters.

• Reviewing real estate documents for modifications.

• Working with various customers from different backgrounds.

• Negotiating for the acquisition of real estate