The New Orleans District Survey Section provides comprehensive Geomatics Services in support of the Corps of Engineers’ navigation, flood and hurricane protection, environmental stewardship, and other water resource missions in southern Louisiana and the nation.

Our office staff of thirty-five performs diverse activities of topographic surveying, hydrographic surveying, GPS surveying, stream gaging, discharge measurements, geotechnical soil sampling, piezometer and instrumentation installations, well drilling, and LiDAR collection activities.

We utilize numerous Architect-Engineer Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts to provide extensive multi-million dollar capability for data collection to include conventional surveying, boundary surveying, terrestrial LiDAR, underwater small object detection, subsurface utility detection, and CAD/GIS data processing.

All contracted data collection is supported by our own field inspectors who provide quality control.

We provide office processing services, DTM/DEM data development, and consultation in regard to survey data processing and location datum/subsidence issues.

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