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US Army Corps of Engineers

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The staff of the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) provides premier advice, assistance, and administrative services to the managers and employees of the New Orleans District in all areas of human resources management. Through a collaborative effort with managers, we ensure operational accomplishment by providing extensive knowledge and expertise helping to recruit and retain a civilian workforce that is qualified, motivated, informed, and equitably treated. We are committed to preserving the image of the Army as one of the top ten federal workplaces.

Management Officials & Supervisors

The CPAC operates in a mission support mode designed to meet the needs of managers and supervisors while simultaneously complying with law and regulation. In this regard, the CPAC provides managers and supervisors with a wide range of options to resolve personnel issues, offers analysis and recommendations useful to the management deliberative process, and implements or assists in implementing management decisions in a supportive and expeditious manner.


The CPAC ensures that employees are provided with the information they need to manage their careers and responds to employee requests for information, advice and/or assistance in a timely, accurate, courteous and professional manner.

 Job Applicants and Others

In dealing with job applicants and others (representatives of educational institutions, other governmental agencies, etc.) the CPAC represents the New Orleans District in a professional and responsive manner directed towards humanizing the District's public image.