US Army Corps of Engineers
New Orleans District

Corps Needs Levee Clay

Notification of Termination of Corps Advance Evaluation of Potential Contractor-furnished Borrow Packages for the Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System


The Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System (HSDRRS) required an unprecedented amount of clay material in a very compressed timeline to rebuild and reinforce approximately 325 miles of earthen levees and floodwalls across the Greater New Orleans area.

Traditionally, the Corps of Engineers has utilized the Government-furnished method for borrow efforts. Given the critical nature of HSDRRS, the Corps decided to undertake the advance evaluation of Contractor-furnished packages from landowners for consideration as a potential source of borrow. It should be noted when a contractor is required to provide its own borrow material or if the contractor opts instead to use a borrow source other than the Governmentfurnished borrow site, then the contractor has the ongoing obligation to demonstrate that the borrow material is geotechnically suitable and that the operations will occur on a site that is cleared of environmental, cultural, or contamination concerns.

The estimated total borrow requirement for HSDRRS is approximately 93 million cubic yards. Currently, an estimated 216 million cubic yards of clay material has been approved and includes potential Contractor-furnished sites, sites within Bonnet Carre’, and other Governmentfurnished sites that have been acquired. Considering the current status of borrow, after April 30, 2011, the Corps will discontinue the advance evaluation of packages submitted for potential contractor furnished borrow material. The Corps of Engineers has no plans to reinstate advance evaluation of new Contractor-furnished borrow packages for HSDRRS efforts. The deadline for submission of complete Contractor-furnished packages, in compliance with the requirements set forth on the Corps website at, is April 30, 2011. After that date, the Corps will not accept new packages or any supplements to previously submitted packages. Please note the Clay Source List will continue to be available for HSDRRS efforts if the Contractor-furnished borrow method is determined to be in the best interest of the HSDRRS mission.