Hispanic Employment Program

The Hispanic Employment Program began as the 16-Point Program in 1973. It was then renamed the Spanish Speaking Program in 1974. It became the Hispanic Employment Program in FPM Letter 713-41 on 28 February 1977. The overall goal of the Hispanic Employment Program is to advise the Commander and the EEO Office on the employment concerns of Hispanics—both those in the workforce, and those applying for employment. Members serve as organizational liaisons to provide information about the concerns and needs in their respective organizations, and assist in initiating programs to enhance the career development of Hispanics. The committee’s goals are to:

  • Strive toward achieving a civilian work force in which Hispanics are employed at all levels, in all occupations, and in all segments of the organization commensurate with their rep-resentation in the relevant labor force.
  • Establish and implement procedures that will enable the district to identify and resolve actual and perceived system inequities, which adversely affect Hispanic employees.
  • Provide means for Hispanics to obtain equal opportunity in all aspects of employment through creation and maintenance of organizational processes and programs that foster and respond to Hispanics in their pursuit of employment, development, and career progression.