Diversity at the US Army Corps of Engineers New Orleans District

There are five reasons we believe diversity is essential to the overall success of the US Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District.

1. Diversity expands the talent pool. As our Commander says, “People are the foundation of the Corps: our effectiveness, our value, our reputation.” By attracting the best talent from a diverse labor force we stay competitive.
2. Diversity helps us communicate effectively. Our workforce must reflect the diversity of our missions and our new field of practice. The people we serve are multicultural. The district needs multicultural capabilities to serve these markets.
3. Diversity increases the bottom line. By treating all employees with respect, we reduce costs related to high turnover and lost productivity and deliver more profitable solutions to our customers and cost-sharing partners.
4. Diversity fosters good management practices. Managing diversity well leads to an inclusive work environment where employees can be productive and successful.
5. Diversity helps build strong teams. Studies show that in the long-term, diverse groups outperform homogenous groups through more creative solutions. Our goal is to be recognized for the technical and professional excellence of our world-class workforce, functioning as teams, delivering projects and services.

When you work at—or with —the US Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District, you see that diversity works.