Federal Women's Program

The Federal Women’s Program was established under Executive Order 11375, 13 October 1967 within the framework of the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program. The overall goal of the Federal Women’s Program is to strive toward achieving a civilian workforce in which women are employed at all levels, in all occupations, and in all segments of the organization commensurate with their rep-resentation in the relevant labor force. The mission of the FWP is to establish and implement procedures that will enable Army commands and installations to identify and resolve actual and perceived system inequities that adversely affect women employees.

The FWP strives to provide means for women to obtain equal opportunity in all aspects of employment through creation and maintenance of organizational proc-esses and programs which foster and respond to women in their pursuit of employment, development and career progression.

a. Programs and Training (Lunch and Learn)
b. Quarterly Reports
c. Statistical Data on Women in Government
d. On-going guidance for women in the application of personnel procedures and practices