Black Employment Program

The Black Employment Program (BEP) was designed to work within the framework of the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Program. The BEP has a functioning committee, known as the BEPC, that serves as an organizational liaison to address the concerns and needs of black employees, pertaining to equal opportunity at MVN. The committee observes the climate and conducts surveys, when deemed necessary, and sets goals accordingly. The BEPC has sponsored programs, training, and activities that aid in professional and personal growth, increase employee morale, and improve communication.

One of the committees' most challenging goals is to foster change in negative, superior type attitudes that promote inequality at the district. The BEPC participates in numerous recruitment efforts, providing information on how to apply for federal jobs and encouraging blacks to apply for positions at the district, especially non-traditional jobs. The BEPC continues to brainstorm for new, proactive ideas on how to improve conditions and positioning of blacks at the district. As always, the BEPC welcomes suggestions.

The BEPC sets out each year to identify or accomplish the following:

  • Forthcoming Programs and/or Training
  • Action Items/Accomplishments
  • Quarterly Report(s)