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Suggest Topics for Presentations

Aquatic Growth  


Atchfalaya Basin 

Birds of Louisiana

Breaux Act Coastal Marsh Program

Computer Applications & Computer Aided Design (CADD)

Contracting in the Small Purchase Arena

Coastal Land Loss

Coastal Navigation Projects/Beach Protection

Dress and Communications Skills

Endangered Species

Environmental Challenges

Fisheries Management  

Flood Control

Freshwater Diversion Projects


Global Positioning Systems

History, Missions and Activities of the New Orleans District

How to do Business with the Government


Hurricane Protection

Marsh Management; Marsh Creation  

Navigation, Locks, and Dredging 

Old River Control Structure 

Project Management 

Real Estate Projects in Environmental Preservation 

Safety, Use of Fire Extinguishers 


South East Louisiana Urban Flood Control (SELA) 

Survey and Stream Gaging