Electronic Permit Application Procedures For Proposed Work Outside Of The Coastal Zone of Louisiana

The New Orleans District, Regulatory Program, is now accepting electronic Department of the Army (DA) permit applications for work proposed outside the designated “Coastal Zone of Louisiana”*. The e-mail address for electronic submittal is:


Electronic submission for work outside the “Coastal Zone of Louisiana” is offered as a convenience to our customers, it is not mandatory. You may still submit DA permit requests through normal mail channels at the address shown in the letterhead.

In your submittal email, please ensure that you include OCZ, the Applicant Name and Parish where the project is located in the subject line (see below for more details).  If you need to send oversized attachments, these may be uploaded for retrieval by our office at “Secure Access File Exchange” (aka SAFE website). To do this, you would notify the Corps in your submittal email (see email address above) that you have an oversized attachment to send.  The Corps will provide you with a Drop-off Request code for use on the SAFE website.  Once you receive the Drop-off Request code, you will have 14 days to upload your documents.  Here is the link to the SAFE website:  https://safe.apps.mil/


1. Subject Line: “OCZ, the Parish where the project is proposed and Applicant”.
2. Attach your completed Engineering Form 4345 (DA permit application), or appropriate pre-construction notification package (PCN), and drawings.
3. Additional information pertinent to the project may also be attached at this time.
4. If you need to send an oversized attachment via the SAFE website, please request that in your e-mail.

Click Here For An Example Email