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    Please send U.S. mail to: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, CEMVN-EX - Family Readiness, P.O. Box 60267, New Orleans, LA 70160.
  • Family Readiness

    Team New Orleans - New Orleans Family Readiness Program

    An active Family Readiness Program that provides the infrastructure to identify, define, address and resolve issues that impact the balance between and employee’s military service (Active, Guard or Reserve), civilian career, family stability, and his or her deployment.

    The Family Readiness Program can be utilized during any crisis: training exercises, injuries and deaths; annual mobilization exercises; overseas contingency operations/overseas mobilizations. The program can be used extensively and successfully during STATE emergencies such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, forest fires and tornadoes.

    Family Readiness Programs are invaluable in providing the concentrated family support that is critical when initially processing military and civilians to an active status for deployment. Past mobilizations have shown that family programs with ongoing military and family support, community involvement, and appropriate access to community resources will sustain family members for the duration fo the deployment. Strong family support is the single greatest contributor to the military and civilian employees’ ability to serve effectively when called to deploy.

    The chain of command provides the official framework on which America’s military and family support is built. The chain of command provides the structure through which the Family Readiness Program and its volunteers resolve issues, receive support and training, and are kept informed of Family Readiness Program items of interest.

    Goal: To recognize the increasingly expeditionary nature of USACE Operations, for both military and civilian team members and their families; Family Readiness assumes the same importance as in a Military Unit. The goal of this program is to permanently build Family Readiness into the District’s routine operations.

    Mission: To establish and promote awareness of the New Orleans District’s Family Readiness Program and its components: Army Family Action Plan, Pre-Deployment, Mobilization, Deployment, Post-Deployment, Casualty Management, Family Readiness Group Support, and permanently build Family Readiness into the New Orleans District’s routine operations by establishing a partnership between Command Leadership, military, civilian employees and families so as to provide the best family support for all who deploy.

    At a town hall meeting in Kandahar, this New Orleans District employee received his 30-day pin for his support of the Overseas Contingency Operations in Afghanistan.