Upper Barataria Basin Feasibility Study

The Upper Barataria Basin Study seeks to evaluate alternatives for the purpose of reducing risk to human life, health, and safety by reducing flood impacts to structures, evacuation routes, and critical infrastructure, reduce risks to economic impacts due to storm inundation in basin and increase community resiliency before, during, and after significant tropical rainfall events. This study effort is being investigated under the authority of United States House of Representatives 105th Congress, resolution docket 2554, dated May 6, 1998 and the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018, H. R. 1892—13, TITLE IV, CORPS OF ENGINEERS—CIVIL, DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY, INVESTIGATIONS. This study will investigate coastal storm damage risk from tidal surges, storm surges, and associated heavy rainfall. Headwater flooding from rainfall is intensified by tidal events resulting in flood damages to industrial, commercial, and agricultural facilities as well as residential structures.