Permit Requirements


The following are minimum permit requirements for installing discharge/intake pipelines in the Mississippi and Atchafalaya Rivers:

  • The mouth of discharge/intake pipelines must be located below the Low Water Reference Plane (LWRP).


  • The mouth of discharge pipelines must not face down towards the riverbed.


  • The discharge outlet must be positioned at an elevation which prevents revetment and/or natural ground disturbance at all river stages. The mouth of intake pipelines must have screens to prevent debris accumulation.


  • Pile structures supporting pipelines over a revetted area must be repaired in accordance with the June 1999 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers drawing titled "Repair Procedures when Penetrating Revetments with Piles, Caissons, and/or Pile Clusters" .


  • The mouth of a discharge/intake pipeline must have a 5' minimum vertical clearance above the riverbed.


  • If an applicant chooses to face the mouth opening of an intake pipeline down towards the riverbed, a 10' square blanket of stone shall be required to provide scour protection. The average required stone blanket thickness shall be based on water depths below LWRP:

Water Depth Average Thickness Inches

Less than 20' 14
Greater than 20' 18

The stone used shall be in pieces weighing not less than 6 pounds each, nor more than 200 pounds each meeting the following gradation:

Weight of Pieces (in pounds)

  • 150 to 200
  • 125 to 150
  • 75 to 125
  • 25 to 75
  • Under 25

Percent of Total Weight

  • 5 maximum
  • 5 to 15
  • 15 to 40
  • 40 to 55
  • 10 maximum




Updated 8/29/2011