Miscellaneous Information


  • Revetment Repair Procedures: 

    Standard procedures when penetrating revetments with piles, caissons and/or pile clusters.

  • Discharge/Intake Pipeline Permit Requirements: 

    General requirements for discharge/intake pipeline permits as they relate to bank stability.

  • PDF IconStone Specifications: 

    Stone specifications used in the annual Flood Control, Mississippi River and Tributaries, Stone Placement, Mississippi, Atchafalaya and Red Rivers, and Old River Control Channels Contract. Specifications give the rate of application, description, gradation, and size of stone used for bank stabilization work on the Mississippi River.

  • PDF IconLatitude and Longitude Revetment Tables:

    Tables of baseline and upper bank latitude and longitude coordinates which can be used to locate revetment ranges in the field.



Updated 8/29/2011