Project Overview

Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Project

Public safety is the Corps of Engineers’ top priority.  The Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Damage Reduction Project (SELA) reduces the risk of flood damages due to rainfall flooding in Orleans, Jefferson and St. Tammany parishes.  The improvements generally support the parishes’ master drainage plans and provide flood risk reduction up to a level associated with a 10-year rainfall event.  A 10-year event is basically a rain storm that has a 10% annual probability of occurrence and equates to approximately 9 inches of rain over a 24-hour period for our area.  The project includes a total of over $2 billion dollars of improvements in Jefferson and Orleans parishes. Work in St. Tammany Parish is not yet funded.


Project Status Map

Landscape Design Plans

Landscaping contracts will be awarded for each corridor after construction contracts are completed. Check out the links below for more information.

Project Status:

  • Napoleon Avenue (From S. Claiborne Avenue to Laurel Street - Awarded September 2019 with contractor expected to mobilize in late October 2019. Approximately 115 trees will be planted
  • South Claiborne Avenue (From Leonidas Street to Pine Street) - Expected to be awarded in October/November 2019

Napoleon and South Claiborne Green Space Restoration Presentation

Claiborne Ave Green Space Plans

Napoleon Ave Green Space Plans

  • Jefferson Avenue (From S. Claiborne Avenue to Magazine Street) - Awarded February 2019, Nearly complete with 154 of 154 trees planted
  • Louisiana Avenue (From S. Claiborne to Constance Street) - Awarded February of 2019. Nearly complete with 83 of 83 trees planted

Jefferson and Louisiana Green Space Restoration presentation

Jefferson and Louisiana Avenues Green Space Plans

SELA - Orleans Parish

In Orleans Parish, plans involve improving 16 major drainage lines, adding pumping capacity to two pump stations and the construction of two new pump stations. Of the 20 funded SELA projects in Orleans Parish, 16 projects are complete and four projects are under construction.

Westbank: Project Status

  • SELA Algiers Sub-Basin - Base contract awarded September 2019

Total Project map  (Future contracts will be designed and awarded as funds are appropriated.)

Base Contract map

Project Overview Presentation, From 11.21.19 Public Meeting

Eastbank: Project Status

  • SELA 20 - Florida Ave. Phases 2 & 3: estimated completion date summer 2020
  • SELA 21 - Jefferson Ave. Phase 1:  completed spring 2019
  • SELA 22 - Jefferson Ave. Phase 2 (Dryades to Constance): completed end of 2016
  • SELA 23 - Napoleon Ave. Phase 2 (Claiborne to Carondelet): completed summer 2016
  • SELA 23a - Napoleon Ave. Phase 3 (Carondelet to Constance): completed summer 2018
  • SELA 24a - Claiborne Ave. Phase 1 (Monticello to Leonidas) completed summer 2017
  • SELA 24b - Claiborne Ave. Phase 2 (Leonidas to Lowerline): completed summer 2016
  • SELA 26 - Florida Ave. Phase 4: end of 2021*
  • SELA 27 - Louisiana Ave. (Claiborne to Constance): completed spring 2019

*Dates are estimated completion dates and are subject to change.


SELA - Jefferson Parish

In Jefferson Parish, plans include improvements to 24 drainage canals, additional pumping capacity for four pump stations and the construction of two new pump stations. Of the 59 funded SELA projects in Jefferson Parish, 54 are complete and five are under construction.

Eastbank: Project Status       

  • SELA 08a - Soniate Canal, Lester to W. Metairie: completed spring 2016
  • SELA 07a - Harahan Pump to River, North Tubes: end of 2017*
  • SELA 07b - Harahan Pump to River, South Tubes: end of 2017*
  • SELA 07c - Harahan Pump to River, Discharge Structure: end of 2017*
  • SELA 9 - Harahan Pump to River, Pump Station: end of 2017*
  • SELA 09a - Harahan Pump to River, Intake Canal: end of 2017*

*Dates are estimates and are subject to change.

Click here to view Eastbank Status Map.

Westbank: Project Status       

  • SELA 14 - Industry Canal: completed summer 2016
  • SELA 15 - Trapp Canal: completed summer 2017
  • SELA 16 - Murphy Canal, North: completed end of 2016
  • SELA 16a - Murphy Canal, South: completed summer 2015

*Dates are estimates and are subject to change.

Click here to view Westbank Status Map.

SELA - St. Tammany Parish

  • Planned imporvements in St. Tammany Parish include channel enlargements, bridge replacement, pump station improvements, detention ponds, levees, T-walls and the elevation of flood-prone sturctures.

Click here to view status map.


Temporary Closure: Intersection of Abundance Street and Peoples Ave.
The intersection of Abundance Street and Peoples Ave. will temporarily close to thru traffic Monday, March 8, 2021 through Monday, April 5, 2021...
Temporary Closure: Eads St. between Abundance St. and Treasure St.
Eads Street between Abundance Street and Treasure Street will be closed on Saturday October 31, 2020 while temporary roadway repairs are being performed. This temporary closure is related to...
Temporary closure of Almonaster Ave. NB at Florida Ave. with detour on Florida Ave.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District will temporarily close Almonaster Ave. northbound at Florida Ave. and apply traffic control restrictions on Florida Ave. between Franklin Ave. and...
Sewage & Water Board to temporarily shut off water line between Florida Ave. and N. Dorgenois St. between Louisa St. and Congress St.
The Sewage & Water Board of New Orleans will shut off the water line between Florida Ave. and N. Dorgenois St. between Louisa St. and Congress St. on Thursday, April 30, 2020 from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m...
General De Gaulle Dr. westbound to close more frequently between Behrman Pl. and MacArthur Blvd.
Since April 1, 2020, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District has periodically closed the left lane of General De Gaulle Drive westbound to traffic between Behrman Place and MacArthur...