Surveying Standards

USACE New Orleans District Minimum Survey Standards
Edition 5
June 2022





This document provides guidance on performing detailed engineering surveys of facilities and civil works projects. Technical specifications, procedural guidance, and quality control criteria are outlined for surveying services performed in a consistent manner for the New Orleans District in support of hurricane and flood protection, hydrologic studies, construction, and mapping projects.
This document supersedes Edition 4.2, April 2015

This document applies to all in-house and Architect-Engineer (A-E) contract surveying services having responsibility for the planning, engineering and design, operation, maintenance, construction, and related real estate and regulatory functions of civil works, and environmental restoration projects. It is intended for use by hired-labor personnel, construction contractors, and A-E contractors. It is also applicable to surveys performed or procured by local interest groups under various cooperative or cost-sharing agreements.

This document is approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.

Use of Manual
This document is intended to be a reference guide for control surveying, site plan mapping, utility and infrastructure utility feature mapping. These activities may be performed by hired-labor forces, contracted forces, or combinations thereof.

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