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Polder Vertical Datum Reports

These Polder Vertical Datum Reports contain detailed information about certain National Spatial Reference System (NSRS) permanent bench marks established by the National Geodetic Survey (NGS).  These permanent bench marks are approved for use by USACE-MVN-ED as vertical project control for all designs, plans and specifications for USACE-MVN projects that lie within the extent of a given polder.  This report also contains information (when available) on tide gauges within or near the Polder and their associated geodetic/tidal datum relationships.

Expiration Date:
Due to regional subsidence and global sea-level rise, the published elevations of the referenced benchmarks and the published tidal datum values at the referenced gauges (as well as the geodetic/tidal datum relationships computed there from) are time-dependant and subject to change. Therefore, the information contained in these reports shall be updated on a regular basis  and/or as new information becomes available.

To View the polder reports:
Click on the polder area below or the polder name to view the Polder Verical Datum Report for that area. Caernarvon to Phoenix Pheonix to Bohemia Oakville to City Price St. Jude to Venice Grand Isle Belle Chasse Westwego - Harvey - Algiers St. Bernard New Orleans East St. Charles, Jefferson and New Orleans Metro Larose to Golden Meadow


St. Charles, Jefferson and New Orleans Metro Polder Vertical Datum Report

New Orleans East Polder Vertical Datum Report

Westwego, Harvey and Algiers Polder Vertical Datum Report

Saint Bernard Polder Vertical Datum Report

Belle Chasse Polder Vertical Datum Report

Caernarvon to Phoenix Polder Vertical Datum Report (Plaquemines)

Phoenix to Bohemia Polder Vertical Datum Report (Plaquemines)

Oakville to City Price Polder Vertical Datum Report (Plaquemines)

St. Jude to Venice Polder Vertical Datum Report (Plaquemines)

Larose – Golden Meadow Polder Vertical Datum Report

Grand Isle Polder Vertical Datum Report

These documents are approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.