Datum Policy Memorandoms


Three policy memorandums were written to follow up with the findings of the Interagency Performance Evaluation Taskforce (IPET) report and the resulting directive for project evaluations of vertical datums (EC 1110-2-6065, Guidance for a Comprehensive Evaluation of Vertical Datums on Flood Control, Shore Protection, Hurricane Protection, and Navigation Projects). These memorandums more specifically define requirements relating to use of vertical datums, and how these datums shall be defined by project benchmarks.

IPET Report

EC 1110-2-6065 Link


These documents are approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.

Policy Memorandum Summaries

The "District Datum Policy Memorandum #1" assigns a vertical datum role and responsibility to a District Datum Coordinator (DDC) position and to a Comprehensive Evaluation of Project Datums (CEPD) Team.

    District Datum Policy Memo #1

The "Engineering Division Datum Policy Memorandum #2" updates the vertical control requirements for USACE projects. The enclosure indicates the appropriate vertical datum / epoch to use based on project type and location.

    Engineering Division Datum Policy Memo #2 

The "Engineering Division Datum Policy Memorandum #3" details the updated requirements for use of benchmarks for USACE projects.

    Engineering Division Datum Policy Memo #3

The "Engineering Division Datum Policy Memorandum #2 Addendum" addresses the update to NAVD88 epoch 2009.55 for select projects.

    Engineering Division Datum Policy Memorandum #2 Addendum

The "Engineering Division Datum Policy Memorandum #5" documents the authorized Vertical Datum for the West Shore Lake Pontchartrain (WSLP) project as NAVD88 (2009.55).

    Engineering Division Datum Policy Memorandum #5

The "LWRP Datum Clarification Memo 2020" documents the appropriate datum to be used for navigation projects in the Mississippi River from Baton Rouge to Venice, LA as LWRP 2007.

    LWRP Datum Clarification Memo 2020