Water Control


Lake Ponchartrain Basin Stage Data


XX in the hourly column denotes near real-time hourly gages (DCP's).
* denotes gages from a bordering basin.
Gage Location Daily (0800) Hourly Gage ID
Intracoastal Waterway Near Paris Road Bridge, New Orleans, LA X   76040
Inner Harbor Navigation Canal Near Seabrook Bridge, New Orleans, LA X   76060
Inner Harbor Navigation Canal (IWW) At Florida Ave. Bridge, New Orleans, LA X   76120
Inner Harbor Navigation Canal at New Orleans, LA X   76160
* Mississippi River (IWW) At Inner Harbor Navigation Canal Lock, LA X   01340
White Bayou Near Zachary, LA (CORPS/USGS site) X XX 85019
Comite River near Comite LA (CORPS/USGS site) X XX 85030
Comite River at Greenwell Springs Rd (CORPS/USGS site) X XX 85xxx
Amite River Near Denham Springs, LA (CORPS/USGS site) X XX 85040
Amite River At Port Vincent, LA (CORPS/USGS site) X XX 85175
Tickfaw River Near Springfield, LA X XX 85300
Tickfaw River Near Holden, LA (CORPS/USGS site) X XX 85302
Natalbany River at Baptist, LA (CORPS/USGS site) X XX 85390
Tangipahoa River Near Robert, LA (CORPS/USGS site) X XX 85402
Pass Manchac Near Pontchoula, LA X XX 85420
Tchefuncta River near Folsom, LA (CORPS/USGS site) X XX 85500
Lake Pontchartrain At Frenier, LA X XX 85550
Pipeline Canal at Illinois Central RR (North) X   85564
Pipeline Canal at Illinois Central RR (South) X   85566
Lake Pontchartrain At Mandeville, LA X   85575
Lake Pontchartrain At West End, LA X XX 85625
Cross Bayou Canal at U.S.Hwy 61 - South of Control Structure X XX 85660
Cross Bayou Canal at U.S.Hwy 61 - North of Control Structure X XX 85661 
Cross Bayou Canal - South of Hwy 61 X   85662
Bayou Trepagnier Control Structure near Hwy 61 (North) X XX 85663
Bayou Trepagnier Control Structure near Hwy 61 (South) X XX 85664
Lake Pontchartrain (Irish Bayou) Near South Shore, LA X   85675
Rigolets Near Lake Pontchartrain (LA) X XX 85700
Lake Borgne At Rigolets (LA) X   85725
Chef Menteur Pass Near Lake Borgne, LA X   85750
Bayou Terre Aux Boeufs At Delacroix, LA X XX 85780
Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet At Shell Beach, LA X   85800


NOTICE: All data contained herein is preliminary in nature and therefore subject to change. The data is for general information purposes ONLY and SHALL NOT be used in technical applications such as, but not limited to, studies or designs. All critical data should be obtained from and verified by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District, Engineering Division, Hydrology and Hydraulics Branch, P.O. Box 60267, New Orleans, LA., 70160-0267. The United States Government assumes no liability for the completeness or accuracy of the data contained herein and any use of such data inconsistent with this disclaimer shall be solely at the risk of the user.

Lower Mississippi River & Tributaries Engineering Branch
New Orleans, LA 70160

Updated: Jul 26, 2022