Water Control


Bayou LaFourche/Bayou Barataria Stage Data


XX in the hourly column denotes near real-time hourly gages (DCP's).
* denotes gages from a bordering basin.
Gage Location Daily (0800) Hourly Gage ID
Bayou Grosse Tete At Rosedale, LA (CORPS/USGS site) X XX 52360
Choctaw Bayou Near Rosedale,LA X   52390
Intracoastal Waterway At Port Allen Lock (LA) X XX 52415
* Mississippi River At Baton Rouge, LA X XX 01160
Intracoastal Waterway At Morley, LA X   52441
Lower Grand River At Bayou Sorrel Lock (LA) X   52560
Belle River Near Pierre Pass, LA X   52640
Pierre Pass At Pierre Part, LA X   52680
Lake Verret At Attakapas Landing, LA X   52720
Lake Palourde near Morgan City, LA X   52750
Bayou Boeuf At Amelia, LA X   52800
Intracoastal Waterway At Harvey Lock (LA) X   76200
* Mississippi River (IWW) At Harvey Lock (LA) X   01320
Harvey Canal at Lapalco Blvd X XX 76220
Harvey Canal South of Lapalco Blvd X XX 76230
Intracoastal Waterway At Algiers Lock (LA) X   76240
* Mississippi River (IWW) At Algiers Lock (LA) X   01380
Bayou Petit Caillou At Cocodrie, LA X   76305
Intracoastal Waterway at Houma, LA X   76320
Bayou Lafourche At Golden Meadow Floodgate (North) (LA) X XX 82250
Bayou Lafourche At Golden Meadow Floodgate (South) (LA) X XX 82260
Bayou Lafourche At Leeville, LA X   82350
Bayou Chevreuil near Chegby, LA X   82525
Bayou Des Allemands at Des Allemands, LA X   82700
Sellars Canal at Hwy 90 (Pier 90) X XX 82720
Cataouatche Pumping Station X XX 82730
Bayou Segnett at Lapalco Blvd X XX 82740
Bayou Barataria at Barataria, LA X   82750
Barataria Waterway at Lafitte X XX 82875
Coast Guard Station At Grand Isle, LA X   88410


NOTICE: All data contained herein is preliminary in nature and therefore subject to change. The data is for general information purposes ONLY and SHALL NOT be used in technical applications such as, but not limited to, studies or designs. All critical data should be obtained from and verified by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District, Engineering Division, Hydrology and Hydraulics Branch, P.O. Box 60267, New Orleans, LA., 70160-0267. The United States Government assumes no liability for the completeness or accuracy of the data contained herein and any use of such data inconsistent with this disclaimer shall be solely at the risk of the user.



Lower Mississippi River & Tributaries Engineering Branch
New Orleans, LA 70160

Updated 7/26/2022