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Boring Log gINT Utilities

Boring Log gINT Utilities includes two custom dialog-driven applications for exchanging boring log data between the CEMVN TXTfile format and the ACE MVD standard gINT database. Users are able to upload TXTfile data into a new or existing gINT database using the “Upload TXTfiles into gINT database” utility. Users can also download TXTfiles from a gINT database using the “Download TXTfiles from gINT database” utility.

Beginning with Version 2_0_0 (August, 2008 release), Boring Log gINT Utilities programs support recognition of multiple versions of the ACE MVD gINT standard database. For the 08/20/2008 version, Boring Log gINT Utilities recognizes both the 05/25/2007 and the 08/20/2008 ACE MVD gINT standard database structures.

[02-04-09] BoringLogUtilities_2_1 now supports the 12/23/2008 version of the ACE MVD with rapid cpt gINT database template (previously the 2_0 version supported the 05/25/2007 and 08/20/2008 version of the ACE MVD with rapid cpt gINT database template). The 12/23/2008 gINT template adds columns in the TRIAXIAL and CONSOLIDATION test tables to store a soil classification that is reported as part of the test results.

Download Current Version
• Version 2.1 Package (*.zip 23.39 MB) release date 02/04/2009
This package contains the MSI installer file and 3 documentation files

Download Previous Versions
• Version 2.0 Package (*.zip 10.40 MB) release date 08/20/2008
This package contains the MSI installer file and 3 documentation files


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