Revetment Types

Revetments are used to hold the river in desired alignment by stabilizing the river banks. They are placed on the outside banks of the bends in the river where the river's attack is most destructive. The New Orleans District has revetted over 361 miles of the Mississippi River bankline.

New Orleans District uses two methods to construct revetments. One method is placing concrete mats in the river along the bank. The other method is trenchfill revetment.

A bank after the revetment construction

College Point after the revetment construction and rock placement for stabilization

An eroded bank

Bank failure due to erosion at Luling, Louisiana. Note the size of the white truck in the background.

An caved bank

A caved bank at Arbroth, Louisiana. Failures of this type are caused by the earthen bank shifting underwater.


New Orleans, LA

Updated 8/29/2011