1.  If a major disaster renders New Orleans District's building inoperable, unsafe or unreachable by safe private transportation, the district will be managed from an alternate headquarters location.  Our District Reconstitution Team will begin action to return the district to normal operations as soon as possible.  This may mean that your office's functions will be carried out at one or more temporary sites in or near New Orleans or elsewhere.

2.  In such an event, the EMPLOYEE EMERGENCY INFORMATION CENTER will be established to handle communications between our Crisis Management Team and the CEMVN workforce.  The CPAC will coordinate and direct operation of the center and take calls at 504-862-2998, or 1-800-532-4775.

3.  As soon as the situation can be assessed, the Crisis Management Team will provide the EMPLOYEE INFORMATION CENTER information and instructions to be relayed to New Orleans District employees.

4.  Following a major disaster, MVN employees are to assure the safety and welfare of themselves and their family members. That understood, the following instructions apply.

              a.  On the first regularly scheduled workday following the event, or as soon as reasonably possible thereafter, each District employee who is unable to report to their regular work site must contact their office, their supervisor, or District Headquarters by telephone to give and receive information concerning their personal status and the district's operational status.  In addition, notices will be sent out via the Alert system giving the status of the district.

            b.  If MVN has been rendered inoperable, MVN employees must contact their supervisor by telephone or text to give and receive information necessary for reconstitution activities.

            c.  When you contact the center, you will be asked to provide information as to your status, location, plans, availability, how you might be contacted, etc.

            d.  You'll be provided the latest information available on the MVN's operational status.  You may be asked to report to a temporary work site if you are able to do so.  You may be told to "sit tight" and contact the message center for additional info at a future date or you may be given a contact telephone number for employees of your office.


5.   Employees must be registered with Alert to receive notifications by phone.  You can register at https://alerts.usace.army.mil/client/auth/login.  For accountability you must contact your supervisor or call the District Status Hotline 504-862-2998, or 1-800-532-4775.  Supervisors should make sure that they provide their number to all employees and also keep a listing of the best contact number for their employees.

6.   Employees must go into ADPAAS to update their contact data for themselves and their family members at https://adpaas.army.mil/cas/login

7.  Employees who have telework agreements in place should always carry their laptops with them at times when there is a possibility of bad weather.

8.  Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that employees who are no longer employed are removed from both systems. 


This is your post-disaster instruction sheet.  Keep a copy at your residence and in your personal vehicle.