Deepwater Horizon incident emergency permit request withdrawn

Published July 28, 2010

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NEW ORLEANS – In response to the Deepwater Horizon incident, one emergency permit that was requested by BP America Production Co. was withdrawn on Tuesday, July 27.

The request to surf wash sand on Grand Terre was withdrawn due to inactivity on behalf of the applicant.

Upon receiving the emergency permit request on July 19, the Corps reviewed it and solicited comments from the resource agencies. These comments were received and forwarded to the applicant two days later on July 21, requesting that they respond to the agency concerns. Typically, the Corps grants 72 hours to respond to the Corps’ request, but after being allowed more than twice this time the Corps contacted BP America Production Co. and it chose to withdraw the application.

Of the 54 emergency permit requests the Corps has received thus far, 44 were issued, two were denied, six were withdrawn by the applicant, and two are pending.

To obtain an NOD-20 emergency work permit, applicants must provide the following information by telephone,

e-mail, or fax:

1. Description of the proposed work and brief statement of the emergency situation

2. Location of the proposed work (a map or latitude and longitude)

3. Name, address, telephone, and e-mail contact information for the applicant

This information can be forwarded to either:

Pete J. Serio, Chief, Regulatory Branch

(504) 862-2255 (Office)

(504) 715-1897 (after business hours)

Martin Mayer, Chief, Central Evaluation Section
(504) 862-2276 (Office)
(504) 256-7659 (after business hours)

While e-mail is preferred, requests may also be faxed to (504) 862-2289 or (504) 862-2574.

Within 30 days of approval, the permittee must provide a restoration plan to restore the impacted site. Should it be in public interest to maintain the authorized work, the permittee must also apply for a Department of the Army permit within 30 days of approval.

To review the full terms and conditions of NOD-20, visit our website at

Release no. 10-038