US Army Corps of Engineers
New Orleans District

Safety Forms

Download Checklist
360-R.pdf Record of On-Site First Aid Treatment - Corps Employees
385-10.pdf  Fuel Oil Transfer
385-11.pdf Rigging and Wire Rope Checklist
385-12.pdf  Forms False Work and Concrete Operations
385-13.pdf  Portable Air Compressors
385-14.pdf  Crane/Derrick Inspections Checklist
385-15.pdf  Crawler/Tractors/Dozers 
385-16.pdf  Dragline Inspection Checklist
385-17.pdf  Clearing, Grubbing, and Snagging
385-18.pdf  Temporary Wiring
385-19.pdf  Excavation and Embankment Operations
385-20.pdf  Building Construction
385-21.pdf  Night Operations
385-22.pdf  Power Bench Tools
385-23.pdf  Structural Steel Erection
385-24.pdf  Welder/Welder Operations
385-25.pdf  Winches/Hand and Power
385-26.pdf  Portable Electric Hand Tools
385-27.pdf  Tree Work, Maintenance, Removal Operations
385-28.pdf  Rubber Tired Farm Tractors, Backhoes, FE Loaders
385-28a.pdf Rubber Motor Vehicles, Machinery and Mechanical Equipment
385-28b.pdf  Dump Truck
385-28c.pdf  ATVs and Special Vehicles
385-28d.pdf  Lift Truck
385-29.pdf  Pile Drivers
385-30.pdf  Crawler Mounted Backhoes, Power Shovels, FE Loaders
385-31.pdf  Checklist for Tugs, Tender, Motorboats
385-32.pdf  Scrapers, Grinders, Heavy Hauling Units
385-33.pdf  Skiffs and Hulls Propelled by Outboard Motors
385-34.pdf  Dredges
385-35.pdf  Life Boats
385-36.pdf  COEF Owned and Occupied Work Spaces
385-37.pdf  Marine Equipment
385-38.pdf  Generators
385-39.pdf  Respirator Medical Clearance
385-40.pdf  Diving Operations
385-41.pdf Small Boat Inspection
385-41R.pdf Utility Barge
385-43.pdf  Accident Prevention Program Administrative Plan
385-43(1).pdf  Accident Prevention Plan Checklist
385-43(2).pdf  Contractor Activity Hazard Analysis
385-43(3).pdf  COE Activity Hazard Analysis
385-43(4).pdf  Position Hazard Analysis (PHA) for COE Employee
385-44.pdf  Safety Inspection For Miscellaneous Equipment
385-45.pdf  Floating Plant Inspection Checklist
385-46.pdf  Critical Lift Plan
385-47.pdf  Safety Inspection for Marine Equipment
1262-1.pdf  District Safety Inspection - Office/Workplace
1262.pdf  District Safety Inspection - Construction and Field Sites
5400.pdf 5400 Evaluation Program Guide