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Generator testing and commissioning activities to begin at all sites in the coming days and weeks.

17th Street Canal

Did you know that...

When fully operational, the three pump stations combined will be able to pump 24,300 Cubic Feet Per Second or 181,777 Gallons Per Second.  That is enough water to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool in 3.63 seconds or fill the Superdome in less than 90 minutes!

Approximately 8,000 tons of reinforcing steel will be used on this project.  That will surpass the amount of steel in St. Louis' Gateway Arch by 2,000 tons!

Questions? Concerns?

17th Street Canal Pump Station

The Permanent Canal Closures & Pumps (PCCP) will be composed of permanent gated storm surge barriers and brick façade pump stations at or near the lakefront.  The pumps will move rainwater out of the canals, around the gates and into Lake Pontchartrain during a tropical weather event, and be equipped with a stand-alone emergency power supply capacity so that it can operate independently of any publically provided utility. When complete, the PCCP at 17th Street will consist of six 1,800 cubic feet per second (cfs) pumps and two 900 cfs pumps and have a total pumping capacity of 12,600 cfs.

Current Activities

Night Shift Activities to include:

  • Pile removal activities during night shift until 9:00 pm. Elevated noise levels expected. Shift will continue with additional staging and cleaning. 

Day shift activities to include:    

  • Removal of sheet pile around the pump station. Elevated noise levels expected.
  • Marina re-circulation line work is ongoing.   
  • Setting of bar screens at the pump station. Deliveries via West Roadway.       
  • Delivery of materials to site. Trucks entering and exiting from West Roadway.

30-Day Look Ahead

  • Minimal night shift operations.

  • Installation of sheet pile for auxiliary building and open cell cofferdam. Pile driving activity, elevated noise levels expected.

  • Installation of form work, reinforcing steel and concrete placement for operations floor slabs, auxiliary building foundation, fuel farm electrical duct bank, pump station curbs and pump wall beams. Concrete trucks entering and exiting from West Roadway.  

  • Installation of electrical and mechanical systems inside the generator building and fuel farm. 

  • Commissioning activities inside the generator building. 

  • Generator and switchgear testing inside generator building. 

  • Flushing and testing of piping inside generator building.   

  • Delivery of fuel to the site for testing of generators. 

  • Installation of water and sewer lines for auxiliary building. 

  • Installation of box culvert tie in to marina recirculation line junction box. 

  • Installation of canal monitoring system. 

  • Deliveries of materials to site. Trucks entering and exiting from West Roadway. 


90-Day Look Ahead

  • Installation of junction box tie-in between marina recirculation line and new box culvert. 

  • Installation on phase 1 and 2, permanent open cell bulkhead. Pile driving activity. Elevated noise levels between 7 am and 9 pm. 

  • Pacement of phase 2 stone rip-rap along west T-wall, flood side. 

  • Building of access road, embankment and slope paving or west T-wall tie in. Grading and concrete operations. Trucks entering and exiting from Hammond Hwy.  

  • Installation of sheet pile, trestle pile and trestle superstructure for additional bypass gates. Removal of selected open cell sheet pile.  Pile driving activity. 

  • Placement of sand inside open cell cofferdam. Trucks entering and exiting site from Hammond Hwy. 

  • Placement of form work, reinforcing steel and concrete for pump station short walls, pump station beams and operations floor slabs. Concrete trucks entering and exiting from West Roadway. 

  • Deliver and erect structural steel for pump station building. 

  • Deliver and install pump station discharge piping. 

  • Deliver and install 1800 CFS and 900 CFS pumps inside pump station. Delivery and assembly of pump station climber screens. 

  • Installation of overhead crane inside pump station. 

  • Installation of conduits, cable trays and interior lights inside pump station. 

  • Installation of exhaust fans inside generator building. 

  • Installation of coolant piping for generators. 

  • Installation of fire alarm, security systems, interior/exterior lighting fixtures, receptacles and HVAC electrical at generator building.  

  • Installation of radiator protection for generators. 

  • Installation of electrical systems and wiring for generators. 

  • Installation of form work, reinforcing steel, electrical conduit and concrete placement for auxiliary building foundation. 

  • Installation of electrical, mechanical, instrumentation and piping elements at fuel farm. 

  • Pressure testing of piping at fuel farm. 

  • Installation of canal level monitoring system.