Corps to start tree protection and trimming on Jefferson Avenue

Published Nov. 27, 2013

 Southeast Louisiana Project (SELA)

New Orleans- Tree protection and trimming operations will start Monday December 2 and are scheduled for approximately two weeks.  Work will be between S. Claiborne Ave and Clara Street then proceed from Clara to Dryades St.  All trees were reviewed by the Corps, contractor and New Orleans Department of Parks and Parkways (DPW P&P).

The tree trimming is limited to cutting branches less than 4 inches in diameter unless the Department of Parks and Parkways allows trimming of the larger branches.

The contractor will make a horizontal cut 16 feet above the roadway and a vertical cut 5 feet from the median curb in both the southbound and northbound lanes.

There are areas along the Jefferson Ave Phase 1 project that will have limited trimming due to the larger size of the tree limbs extending over the neutral ground.  In these areas we will trim what is allowed and the contractor will work under the remaining canopy.

In addition, the Corps contractor will be installing temporary orange safety fence around the root zone of trees so that no work is done in the area.

The Corps will continue to work closely with its partners at the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority and the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans on the SELA program.  All scheduled SELA work in Orleans Parish should be finished in 2018.

Rene Poche
After Hours

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