Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Damage Reduction Project - Activity Update

Published Sept. 5, 2013

NEW ORLEANS -The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District, recently begun construction on the  Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Damage Reduction Project (SELA) along Jefferson Ave. The contract was awarded to Cajun Constructors for approximately $44 M and consists of a 3,700 linear feet concrete culvert under median along Jefferson Avenue and a 1,300 linear feet concrete culvert along Prytania Street.

Throughout construction, safety of the public is the number one priority.  Work will be conducted Monday through Saturday in accordance with local noise ordinances.

Anticipated impacts during waterline installation along Jefferson Avenue:

· One lane of traffic in each direction, lanes shifting to the median

· No parking on Jefferson Avenue

· Temporary street crossing closures during placement of water lines in the intersection

· Temporary off street parking restrictions when work is being performed in front of driveways.    Driveway access will be restricted moving from north to south as work on each phase progresses

   Waterline installation schedule along Jefferson Avenue:

· August-November 2013--Dryades to St. Charles, Odd Addresses

· August 2013-January 2014--St. Charles to Coliseum, Odd Addresses

· January-April 2014--Dryades to St. Charles, Even Addresses

· January-June 2014--St. Charles to Coliseum, Even Addresses

· July-November 2014--Coliseum to Constance, Odd Addresses

If you have questions about the Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Damage Reduction Project, please contact the SELA Hotline at 504-585-2450. | | |

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, SELA-22 Uptown / Jefferson Avenue web site:

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