Final Contract Awarded for Pump Station Repairs in Orleans Parish

Published Aug. 14, 2009
NEW ORLEANS – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded a $3.2 million contract
yesterday to repair a non-federal pump station in Orleans Parish.

The Corps awarded the contract to a local New Orleans firm, Healtheon, Inc., and the work will take 15 months to complete from the date of notice to proceed, which is expected next week.

“The repairs consist of installing vertical pumps, gate valves and making other minor
improvements to Elaine pump station,” said John Ashley, branch chief for existing pump
stations. “The project will help to ensure the reliability of this pump station during future storm events.”

Thus far, the Corps has spent approximately $38 million on pump station repairs in Orleans
Parish. This is the final repair contract for Orleans Parish and the project will be 100 percent
federally-funded. The Corps is working closely with its partners to complete the project.

Release no. 09-070