Corps awards contract to construct drainage structures in St. Charles Parish

Published Aug. 17, 2009

NEW ORLEANS – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District awarded an approximately $2.6 M contract on Friday, Aug. 14, to Cycle Construction Co., LLC of New Orleans for construction of the Almedia Drainage Structure on the east bank of St. Charles Parish. The drainage structure will further reduce risk for residences and businesses in the area.

“The contract award is for the base option to construct the Almedia Drainage Structure,” said Carl Anderson, project manager. “The award also includes an option to construct the Walker Drainage Structure which could be exercised in the near future once necessary access roads are constructed.”

If the option to construct the Walker Drainage Structure is exercised, the contract would reach a total of approximately $6.5 M. The work on both structures is expected to be completed by summer 2010.

Both drainage structures are located on the lake side of Airline Hwy and aid the interior drainage system of the east bank of St. Charles Parish. In addition, the structures are a part of the Greater New Orleans Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System which is designed to reduce the risk from a storm that has a one percent chance of occurring each year. The drainage structures will tie in to the existing levees in the area.

The Corps is sharing project responsibilities with its non-federal partner, the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority.

Rene Poche

Release no. 09-069