State, Corps sign Project Partnership Agreement for storm proofing work in Orleans and Jefferson parishes

Published Sept. 2, 2009
NEW ORLEANS -- The Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) of Louisiana and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently signed a Project Partnership Agreement (PPA) for the storm proofing of up to 43 existing interior drainage pump stations in Orleans and Jefferson parishes. This agreement paves the way for approximately $289 million of work at full federal expense. This is yet another step toward reducing the hurricane and storm flood risk for the people of the greater New Orleans area.
Storm proofing will help ensure the operability of pump stations during hurricane, storm and high water events. Improvements at the stations will include installing backup power and fuel sources, elevating critical equipment, strengthening and waterproofing structures, and adding redundant water cooling systems. The majority of storm proofing construction is scheduled for completion in 2011.
Several storm proofing projects have already been completed in Jefferson and Orleans parishes, including construction of five Safe Rooms at pumps stations, construction of remote pump operation systems at seven pump stations, and installation of two pump generators.
“We cannot meet our goal alone and this is an excellent example of federal, state and local entities partnering for success,” said Col.Al Lee, New Orleans district commander. “We are excited to get started on this vital work. Public safety is the Corps’ number one priority. We are committed to providing the 100-year level of risk reduction for the greater New Orleans area in 2011.”
The agreement was signed by CPRA Chairman Garret Graves and Col. Lee.

Release no. 09-064