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Emergency permit expedites permitting procedures

Published May 11, 2010

Three emergency permits already granted

NEW ORLEANS – If the normal permit review process provides insufficient time to perform work related to the oil spill, an emergency permit may be issued.

NOD-20, General Permit Emergency Operations within the New Orleans District, can be issued for activities regarding imminent safety and/or environmental hazard, loss of property, or immediate economic hardship.

Within 30 days of approval, the permittee must provide a restoration plan to restore the impacted site.

Authorization under NOD-20 is temporary and does not replace the normal permit approvals. Should it be in the public interest to maintain the work, the permittee must apply for a Department of the Army permit within 30 days of receiving an emergency permit approval.

To obtain an NOD-20 permit, entities proposing the emergency work must provide the following information by telephone, e-mail (preferred method) or fax:
1. Description of the proposed work and brief statement of the emergency situation;
2. Location of the proposed work (map or latitude and longitude);
3. Name, address, telephone number and e-mail address for the applicant.

Depending on the nature and extent of the emergency, immediate verbal authorization may be granted. In other cases, a written request explaining the emergency, with sketches and maps, may be needed to establish qualification for NOD-20.

Permit requests should be sent to the following:
Pete Serio or Martin Mayer or Fax: 504-862-2289
504.862.2255 504.862.2276 504-862-2574

To review the full terms and conditions of NOD-20, visit our Web site at and click on NOD-20.

Release no. 10-080