Corps adds Atchafalaya River system to Phase One Flood Fight Inspections

Published March 31, 2011
along the Atchafalaya River systems, in addition to the Mississippi River inspections.

Closely coordinating efforts with the local levee authorities, the New Orleans District is patrolling the levees along the Mississippi River from Old River to Venice and the Atchafalaya Basin south of I-10 this week and will continue to do so while the river remains high.

Phase one is a proactive measure when the Mississippi and Atchafalaya Rivers reach respective trigger levels and is forecasted to continue to rise. The increased patrols help ensure our ability to quickly respond to any problem areas that may develop along the levee system because of the elevated water levels.

The current water level of the Mississippi River at the Carrollton Gage is 13.37 feet, and the Atchafalaya at Morgan City is 5.21. The current National Weather Service forecasted crest is 14.0 feet at the Carrollton Gage on April 4 and a forecasted rise to 5.9 feet in Morgan City.

With the current forecast, the Corps does not anticipate opening the Bonnet Carré Spillway at this time.

Release no. 11-093