New Orleans District will fund 45 Mississippi River and Tributaries projects

Published March 9, 2012

New Orleans, La. – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District (MVN), recently received an additional $490 million from the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act that was signed by the President on December 23, 2011. With this additional allocation, MVN now has approximately $548 million to use to fund 45 Mississippi River & Tributaries (MR&T) projects that were affected by the historic 2011 flood.


The $548 million will be used to fund 14 channel improvement projects, five dredging operation projects, 13 Mississippi River levees and flood control structures repair projects, as well as 13 operations and maintenance projects. Work on many of these high-priority projects is either under way or nearing completion. MVN’s goal is to complete as much of the work as possible this year; however, some projects will extend into 2013. The Corps’ emergency operations teams are taking proactive measures to prepare for any flood fight needs along the MR&T system.


The table below shows total funding allocated to each type of MVN project.


Project Type

Number of Projects

Funding per Project Type

Channel Improvement


$74.3 million



$155.3 million

Levee / Structure Repairs / Construction


$257.7 million

Operations and Maintenance (Structures)


$60.9 million



$548.2 million


Other projects throughout the Mississippi Valley Division districts can be viewed at Select the Operation Watershed Corps Map under the 2011 Flood Fight header in the middle of the page.

Rachel Rodi

Release no. 12-007