Full pumping capacity restored at Permanent Canal Closures and Pumps

Published June 7, 2024

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District and its construction contractor completed work to restore four Permanent Canal Closure and Pumps (PCCP) pumps to 35-year design specifications.   

The work is part of the multiyear effort to ensure all 17 PCCP pumps are reliable and sustainable in accordance with design requirements.  Work on the four pumps included fabrication of new parts, conversion of some components from carbon to stainless steel, sand blasting, coating, and painting.  Each pump will have cathodic protection added to further reduce the risk of future corrosion.  Each of the 13 remaining pumps were evaluated by the pump manufacturer to confirm reliability for the 2024 hurricane season.

USACE will not undertake pump repair work during the hurricane season to avoid potential impact to the Flood Protection Authority-East’s readiness or operation of the stations during a tropical weather event.  During hurricane season, USACE will continue efforts that do not interfere with the stations’ ability to design, such as fabricating replacement parts and addressing erosion along the outfall canals.  All work will be coordinated with USACE’s nonfederal partners, the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority and FPA-E.

The multiyear effort began in spring 2023 when corrosion was identified as the primary cause of failure for pump #1 at the London Avenue PCCP.   Each pump was inspected with temporary repairs completed to ensure the pumps would perform during hurricane season.  USACE and its contractor began work to restore design specifications for every pump at the 17th Street, London Avenue, and Orleans Avenue. PCCP locations.  To date, two pumps at the 17th Street and two pumps at the London Avenue locations have been permanently repaired.  Pump repair work at all three locations will resume following hurricane season.  

The PCCP is one component of the $14.5B greater New Orleans Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System.  This system is designed to reduce the risk of damage associated with a 100-year storm surge, a surge that has a 1-percent change of occurring during any given year.  Because larger storms are inherent to South Louisiana, all residents are encouraged to begin their hurricane preparations now, listen to their local officials and be prepared to evacuate if the directive is given. 


Ricky Boyett

Release no. 24-029