Emergency permitting procedures enacted

Published Aug. 30, 2017

Emergency permitting procedures enacted     

NEW ORLEANS – At the request of the New Orleans District the Mississippi Valley Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, has authorized the use of emergency permitting procedures in response to Hurricane Harvey.

As of Aug. 28, 2017 five parishes within the New Orleans District have been issued emergency declarations with the high potential for more parishes to be added as the storm moves inland. Because New Orleans District has a large quantity of wetlands much of the repair work will likely occur in areas which require a Department of the Army permit. Through the enacted emergency procedures the Army Corps can issue permits quicker to expedite recovery efforts.

Emergency permit requestors need to provide a basic description of the specific situation, proposed work, location, and the approximate amount of waters and/or wetlands to be impacted, via telephone, fax, or email to the New Orleans District Regulatory Branch.

The emergency permit requests will be screened and verified by the Corps of Engineers then sent to the representatives of the federal and state permit review and certifying agencies for comments.

The Corps of Engineers will coordinate all activities with State and Federal agencies. Accelerated review and issuance of Section 401 Water Quality Certifications and CZMA Coastal Use Permits will be requested as appropriate.  If possible, an emergency permit decision will be made by the New Orleans District within 24-48 hours of the request.

Any emergency permit granted will be considered a temporary authorization that will be conditioned to require the permittees to submit a site restoration plan or permit application with plans to maintain the work, within 30 days of emergency approval, or once the imminent threat has diminished.

Any questions regarding emergency permitting procedures t may be directed to the New Orleans Regulatory Branch at 504-862-2255 or 504-862-2257, or if after normal business hours 504-715-1897.



Matt Roe

Release no. 17-023