Next Job Fair June 3, 2022 

About the New Orleans District

Our service since 1818 has been an ever-evolving task. The New Orleans District made possible the flatboat and then steamboat trade that gave outlet to the Mississippi Basin’s bounty. After the Great Flood of 1927 on the Mississippi, the Corps assumed a far-larger role in flood control, with great works such as the Bonnet Carre Spillway and Morganza Floodway. The New Orleans District has completed innovative and complex engineering projects like the Old River Control Structure to keep the Mississippi on course and the post-Katrina Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction System around the greater New Orleans area. The district is home to 13 recreation sites that offer a variety of outdoor activities such as: fishing, hunting, ATV trails, birdwatching and more. In addition to civil works and flood management, the New Orleans District has environmental missions with programs like the Beneficial Use of Dredged Material and Regulatory permitting team to help build and maintain the natural resources of the state of Louisiana.

Message from District Commander

Hello and welcome to the New Orleans District US Army Corps of Engineers!  My name is Col. Stephen Murphy and I have the privilege of commanding this incredible team of teams.  Every day we execute world-class missions that make Louisiana and the United States a better and safer place to live and work.  Literally.  Our projects, programs, and offices stretch all across south Louisiana and incorporate the best in science and engineering and allow us to do things that no one else is doing.  Projects like building a $760 million 18-mile earthen levee system in water through virgin swamp that will protect thousands of Louisianans from hurricane storm surge.  We have environmental restoration projects that are re-building our coast and preserving our incredible natural resources.  There is so much more, too.  The work we do makes a difference.  It’s an exciting place to be but we need the skills, talents, and passions of people like you.  The opportunities are here, from secretaries to engineers to economists and so many more, so please visit our tables, ask questions, and consider joining our team. 

About the New Orleans District