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USACE JambWow - (Just Another Map Book, With Object Workaround)

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JambWow is an ArcGIS add-in that aids in the creation and output of map series. The purpose of the tool is to allow a cartographer to create a series of maps and manage them in a single map document. JambWow provides the convenience to print or export an entire series of maps in one step. JambWow also contains functionality that is uniquely helpful in generating Plan-and-Profile map series. JambWow expands upon the Data Driven Pages (DDP) functionality that is included out-of-the-box with ArcGIS 10.x. JambWow is also the successor to JAMB for ArcGIS 9. JambWow combines the best capabilities of JAMB with the best capabilities of Data Driven Pages.

For Plan-And-Profile map series, JambWow dynamically updates the profile plot such that when the page changes, the X range of the plot is updated to the station range of the linear feature on the current page used to create the index grid.

JambWow also includes page-specific graphic elements for cases where a label or other element is required on one page, but not any of the others.


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  • ArcGIS® 10.0 and later for Versions 2 and later
  • ArcGIS® 9.2, 9.3, or 9.3.1 for Version 1


Current Release
• JambWow v3.1.0 ArcMap Add-In ESRI Add-In (.zip 1,193 KB) Source (.zip 10,931 KB)
• JambWow v3.0.0 ArcMap Add-In ESRI Add-In (.zip 1,161 KB) Source (.zip 9,842 KB)
• JAMB v1.2.4 ArcMap Extension Microsoft® Installer (.msi 5.19 MB) Source (.zip 5.32 MB)
• JAMB v1.2.3 ArcMap Extension Microsoft® Installer (.msi 1.77 MB) Source (.zip 5.08 MB)
• JAMB v1.1.0 ArcMap Extension Microsoft® Installer (.msi 4.86 MB) Source (.zip 5.02 MB)


Release Notes

Version 3.1

  • Replaced the Strip Map Index Features (Strip Map Generator) tool with an enhanced version of the tool, developed via Model Builder. The enhanced tool incorporates four new fields to the attribute table: SMAP_SCALE, SMAP_ANGLE, SMAP_NUM, and SMAP_NAME.
  • Added a new input parameter to the user interface of the enhanced Strip Map Generator tool, ‘Map Name’, to assist in populating the SMAP_NAME field (concatenated with the SMAP_NUM) in the attribute table.
  • Made several minor modifications to make the JambWow fully compatible with ArcGIS 10.1 and above.


Version 3.0

  • Added the “Show On This Page Only” tool to hide layout elements on all pages except the current page. Also added the “Untag to Show on All Pages” tool.
  • Added tools to “Convert Labels to Annotation” and “Delete Annotation” for the current page only.
  • Replaced the “Upgrade Old Jamb Hidden Layout Items” tool with a more comprehensive “Upgrade Old Jamb Tagged Layout Elements” tool. The new tool automates many steps which previously had to be done manually, including:
    • Re-tagging the data graph.
    • Converting page titles, page numbers, dates, and index layer attributes to dynamic text.
    • Clearing feature selection in inset maps.
    • Re-tagging JAMB “show on this page only” and “show on all pages except this one” layout elements (when the location information is not lost).
  • Fixed a north arrow resizing error.
  • Added font size preservation when tagging a text element with standard and alternate size and location.
  • Fixed a bug with hiding text element leader lines.
  • Added sorting of pages by page index in the “Hide On Select Pages” window.
  • Added display of page numbers in the JambWow Navigation window and “Hide On Select Pages” window.
  • Changed the JambWow context-menu items icons.
  • Improved performance in the “Convert Labels To Annotation” window.
  • Modified the page-specific annotation functionality to store annotation for multiple pages in a single annotation layer and use the “PAGE_NAME” attribute along with a page definition query to display only the annotation features that are associated with the currently active page.


Version 2.0

  • This version of JambWow was a complete re-write of the original JAMB tool. It incorporated the “Data Driven Pages” and “Dynamic Text” technology of ArcGIS 10. This version made a clean break from its historical roots as an offshoot of “DS Map Book” and JAMB for ArcGIS 9.


Version 1.2.4

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the “Convert Labels to Annotation” functionality to crash ArcMap® on ArcGIS® version 9.3.1. Updated documentation to include a description of a workaround for a related bug that causes ArcMap® to sometimes crash when the “Convert Label to Annotation” functionality is used with the Maplex® Extension.



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