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Information About New Orleans District's Aerial Photography

The New Orleans District contracts with commercial aerial photo survey providers who produce this photography. We also establish cooperative agreements with NASA and other government agencies to perform joint photo missions. Photographic ground coverage includes wide-area coverage, linear coverage along waterways, and spot coverage for project areas.

This photography is in standard film formats of 9" x 9" and 9" x 18" film sizes. The film types are typically Black & White, Black & White Infrared, and Color Infrared. The photo sensor class is primarily vertical cartographic, with some use of oblique photography. Some photography is controlled and rectified photogrammetrically, resulting in control survey data and analytical aerotriangulation reports. The photographic contact prints, film negatives, and reports are stored in the District file holdings.

The New Orleans District's photo holdings encompass much of the State of Louisiana, with primary coverage in Southern Louisiana below 31° 30' North Latitude. Some coverage exists for Arkansas, Mississippi, and Texas in areas bordering Louisiana. The Mississippi River from Mile 330 to the Gulf of Mexico, the Atchafalaya River, and the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (within New Orleans District) are photographed on a biennial basis. The Atchafalaya River Delta is photographed annually to capture delta growth. Grand Isle is photographed biannually to monitor shoreline erosion.

More in-depth photo location information is stored in our database files. Research services are available from our Central Files office via other software applications which allow a precise search of all database records for photographic coverage falling within any user defined ("fenced-in") geographic area.

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