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Published Aug. 26, 2013
Expiration date: 9/25/2013

NAME OF APPLICANT:   INCA REFINING, L.L.C., c/o Cowles, Murphy, Glover and Associates, ATTN:  Gary Cowles, 457 St. Michaels Street, Mobile, Alabama 36602

LOCATION OF WORK:  On the Mississippi River and batture, right descending bank, at a point about 166 miles above the Head of Passes, within the Mississippi River Basin – Lower Mississippi River-Baton Rouge (HUC 08070100), near Donaldsonville, Louisiana, in ST. JAMES PARISH, as shown on the attached drawings


CHARACTER OF WORK:  Clear an area and install and maintain a concrete access bridge, sheet pile wall, two barge loading/unloading structures, ship loading structure, two breasting structures, four pile-supported mooring structures and 16 three-pile structures to expand production and unload ships.  Approximately 6,680 cubic yards of material will be deposited on the existing levee road for an approach ramp.  Approximately 0.458 acres will be cleared.   No excavation will take place in wetlands.  Concrete piles will be driven in wetlands to construct the access bridge, with a minimal amount of riprap placed around them for erosion control.  Efforts were made in order to minimize impacts to wetlands by installing the access bridge across the smallest stretch of wetlands possible.