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About Section 408 Notices

Effective April 27, 2016 the New Orleans District began issuing public notices about Section 408 requests. Click here to read the official notice.

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408 Public Notices

Posted 4/24/2017

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The Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority – East proposes to construct an 840-foot long, 48-inch round drain line approximately 130 feet from the centerline of the Lake Pontchartrain and Vicinity – Lakefront Levee in Kenner, Louisiana to improve drainage near the levee.  The drain line would begin east of the St. Gabriel Subdivision behind Royal Palm Drive and travel southeast for approximately 350 feet.  It would then change direction and travel southwest for approximately 170 feet before turning south for approximately 320 feet to discharge into the Duncan Canal. The drainage dike and swale for the levee will be adjusted to follow the contour of the new pipes.

Please Click Here to see the entire Public Notice including drawings.